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Why we are NOT just another agency website!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to explore our site. We believe that there is a real need for honest referrals while there are so many agency websites that take a large proportion of your revenue. Small businesses often don’t have the budget or expertise to  market their websites or don’t pay enough attention to SEO. We aim to bridge that gap by spending a very large proportion on our income towards marketing. Obviously we aim to be a useful resource for anyone searching for holiday accommodation or places to visit and eat. 


Questions we get asked often

Yes, although it is free to list your events. If you host events as a business then please consider getting a business listing first and we’ll help you like your events to your business. 

Yes, absolutely as long as they are for different businesses or as long as they are for the same business that can be categorised as two different types. I.e. Places to eat like pubs will often have bed and breakfast rooms, and it therefor makes sense to have two listings for the same business. Our advanced package will take care of this perfectly.

We display ads on any unclaimed or free business listings as they are not earning an income to pay towards the upkeep and further development of this website.

We can offer a lot of advice and knowledge to businesses struggling with slow hosting. WordPress websites built on clunky themes and cheap free plugins. As a partner you’ll benefit from having access to premium wordpress plugins for which we own unlimited developer licences to help your business website perform as it should. 

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